Our mission

Pure Sportswear is a Dutch sportswear brand with a clear and sustainable mission.

The production of clothing

You hear less about it nowadays. The “news” is gone. Unfortunately, it is still happening: exploitation in the clothing industry.

Adults and children are put to work in unsafe factories. Working hours of 12 hours are very normal. They do not receive a dollar a day yet, not nearly enough to provide for their maintenance.


What do we do differently?
All people get better from the production of our sportswear. Because of the good salary, employees can provide for the livelihood of themselves and their families. Obviously, production takes place in safe factories and no toxic substances are used.

kinderarbeid in fast fashion

Sportswear where benefits. Not just the shareholders.

het plastic probleem

The plastic problem

We produce and use more and more plastic. Unfortunately, that also means more and more plastic in nature. 80% of this ends up in the sea. This causes enormous animal suffering: animals get entangled or eat it up, with poisoning and starvation as a result. Given that billions of people worldwide depend on sea life for their food, this is also a problem for humans.

There is enough plastic produced. Time for reuse!

Our sportswear is made from 100% recycled polyester. 6 bottles have been taken from nature by shirt. In addition, production is extremely energy-efficient and meets the most stringent environmental requirements.

Sportswear which, piece by piece, gives nature to nature.

Our mission: motivation to change

Making the world a bit more beautiful is possible in many ways. We do that through sport.
Sport connects. Sport is about changing yourself. Improve yourself.
That requires motivation and commitment. That can be done together, but also alone.

Working on yourself with Pure Sportswear means at the same time making the world a better place!

Pure Sportswear

Motivation to