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Pure Sportswear is fully sustainable and fair sportswear. We guarantee the sustainability of our sportswear in terms of materials, people and the environment. That means sportswear made from 100% recycled polyester, very environmentally friendly production and fair labor under safe conditions. On this page we would like to explain how we do that. Read on or use the menu to jump to a topic.

duurzame sportkleding materiaal

The material

Sustainable sportswear starts with the material. This is completely made from recycled polyester.

A large number of bottles is suitable for our products because they are of the same composition as the polyester fibers in sportswear. Called polyethylene terephthalate by the technical guys among us, but known as RPET to most people. How are these bottles then processed into your favorite shirt?

The bottles are taken from nature. They are then thoroughly cleaned and ground into pieces. We call this flakes. These flakes are sorted by color and cleaned again. They are then heated and melted into granules. These granules form the basis for all kinds of new products. For clothing, they are spun into threads with which the fabric can then be woven.

Paint & Yarn

The woven fabric is then dyed in the right colors. Sustainability is also very important here. All paint and ink used is certified for safety. This means, among other things, that no toxic and carcinogenic substances are used in the materials and in the process. In addition, it is important that there are no hormone-disrupting substances in the ink.

The fabrics are then cut according to the clothing pattern. These loose pieces of fabric, a front, a back and twice a sleeve, are put together. The yarn is therefore very important because they hold the shirt together. Our yarn is not only of the highest quality, but also entirely from recycled material.

verf en garen voor duurzame en eerlijke sportkleding
het eerlijke label voor puresportswear

The label

The label on the sleeve is the finishing touch. We are proud of our sustainable sportswear brand. More importantly, we think you can be proud of your purchase! We want everyone to be able to wear the shirt with pride. Even though the label is small, it is a very important detail, so no concessions here either.

The Dutch manufacturer uses only sustainable materials, no toxic components for our labels and produces extremely energy efficient. In addition, waste is reused and the labels have an Oeko-Tex 100 quality mark.

Fair labor

Of course there are machines, but ultimately it is the human hands that make clothing possible. Sustainable sportswear is only really sustainable if the work is also fair. We find it unacceptable that people are being abused for their hands and we are strongly opposed to child labor, sweatshops and poor working conditions in the clothing industry.

Instead, the entire production process, from recycling the bottle to dyeing the fabric, takes place in America. Here people work under very safe and good working conditions and employees receive a good wage for their work. Very normal, right?

geen kinderarbeid maar eerlijk loon

The result: real sustainable sportswear

We are secretly quite proud of the result: beautiful sustainable sportswear for women and men.

Sustainable sportswear women

The women’s sports shirt is available in two colors. The first version is pink (lilac). It is a beautiful soft color that is very striking. If pink is not entirely your thing, then we also have the shirt in a beautiful deep black color.

View the ladies sport shirts

Sustainable sportswear men

The charcoal color was chosen for the men: a combination of deep dark green and brown. The special thing is that this color always looks slightly different. The one time it looks more green, the other time a bit more brown. In addition, we also have the shirt in black.

View the men’s sport shirts

Frequently Asked Questions

The production of sportswear has a huge impact on people and the environment. Unfortunately, the vast majority of sportswear brands do not take this into account. The result is enormous environmental pollution and very poor working conditions. That can and must be done differently!

The biggest gain lies with the material. Polyester is used for sport shirts. This is made from crude oil. Not very sustainable. But here comes the great thing: new and recycled polyester are exactly the same! The polyester that has already been made and used can therefore be used perfectly again. 6 polyester bottles were extracted from nature to make one shirt.

Our sportswear is produced in America and the Netherlands. Strict labor laws apply in the area of safety and wages. Safe work therefore. And absolutely no child labor!

Chemicals are needed to make sports fabric flexible. Unfortunately, many sports brands use toxic chemicals. You do sports to become healthier. Then you don’t want to wear clothing on your body with toxic chemicals. That is why our sportswear is certified for being free of harmful chemicals! Read more about it on our page about eco sportswear.

There are two main reasons why recycled polyester is better than new.

  1. The polyester that we use is extracted from nature. This prevents it from being left here forever (plastic does not perish).
  2. It takes much less energy to process existing polyester into new products than to make it completely new (an estimated 70% less).

In one word: perfect. The fabric is wonderfully smooth, light and wicks away moisture. In addition, the model has a nice fit. We are sure that you will be completely satisfied with our shirt. That is why we guarantee: money back. Read more about the shirts in the web store.

We are happy to answer your question. Please contact us via the route that is best for you. You can find the options on the contact page. It is also possible that your question has already been answered on the FAQ page or the customer service page.