Fair and sustainable sportswear

100% made of reused plastic bottles!

Fair and sustainable sportswear

100% made of reused plastic bottles!

Why Pure Sportswear?

Nowadays a lot of people Are aware of where their food comes from, separate waste, drive electric cars. But what about clothes? The clothing industry has a huge impact on the environment and the people and animals in it. Even big clothing brands now see that the current approach is not acceptable anymore and they are starting to making changes.

Pure Sportswear takes it to the next level. Our sportswear is fully sustainable, from resources to production: the clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles, no toxic substances are used and production takes place in The Netherlands and United States. Besides, no concessions are made on the quality. Want to bet you won’t notice the difference with your current favorite brand?

Sportswear from recycled plastic?

plastic recycle proces stap 1

From 6 plastic bottles…

plastic recycle proces stap 2

… spun into yarn …

plastic recycle proces stap 3

… into our sustainable sports shirt !

A truly fair sport shirt

Our first line: sports shirts fully made of recycled plastic, in a safe work environment with fair wages. That’s what we call sustainable clothing!

Additionally, the shirt matches the highest quality demands. It has a comfortable fit,  and is also loosely tailored. This way it’s not only super comfortable, it also looks fantastic!!

Elegant and very soft woman sport shirt in pink


Beautiful deep dark sports shirt, suitable for every workout


The importance of sustainable sportswear

Worldwide, a lot of sportswear is produced. That is very good of course, so many sporting people, but unfortunately the vast majority of this sportswear is not produced sustainable. Why should you worry?
van plastic fles tot sport shirt

1: For the environment

The production of sportswear has a huge impact on the environment. Largely because of the material that is used the most for sportswear: polyester. This is made from crude oil, pumped up out of the earth. Not very sustainable. What do we do differently? Reuse. Here is the beautiful part: new and reused polyester are exactly the same! The polyester that has already been made and used can therefore be perfectly used again. To make one shirt, 6 polyester bottles have been collected from nature.

2: For the people

The clothing industry is known for dealing very poorly with their workers.

In low-wage countries people have to work with hazardous chemicals without protection. In doing so, it happens regularly that fire breaks out in the factories or even collapses. All this against a scandalously low wage. Not nearly sufficient for their livelihood.

What do we do differently? Our sportswear is produced in America and the Netherlands. Here, strict labor laws apply in the area of ​​safety and wages.

made in bangladesh label

3: For yourself!

Last, but not least: you 🙂 Many sportswear is treated with toxic chemicals. Much paint to color the substance is hormone disruptive. Also, many chemicals to make the fabric supple are very toxic. You do sports to become healthier. Then you do not want to wear fabrics on your body with these harmful chemicals! That is why sportswear from Pure Sportswear is certified to be free from harmful chemicals! So you can start with a safe feeling to your running, gym session, yoga class, or any other sport with our sportswear!

“Clever that you thought about another way to deal with plastic waste”

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